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LightSpeed Webstore iconLightSpeed makes it easy to create new pages on your webstore, but they don’t display on your store’s home page by default. There’s a little hoop you have to jump through to display your new pages in the tabs at the top of the page.

We wanted to add a tabbed page on our LightSpeed web store that featured a sub-set of products. Using the Web Store Admin Panel, creating a new page on your web store site is easy. Unfortunately, if you want that page displayed you need to edit the index.tpl.php file on the site. This article assumes a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and that you know how to edit files on your LightSpeed web store site.

In this file, you’ll find a div section like this:

<div id=”nav” class=”rounded-top”></pre>

Inside this section, you’ll find an HTML unordered list that renders the tabs that appear on your site. After you’ve created a page using the Web Store Admin Panel, add a line inside the UL tags like this:

<li id=”myNewPage”><a href=”<?= _xls_custom_page_url(‘mynewpage’) ?>”><?php _xt(‘My New Page’); ?></a></li>

Replace mynewpage with the “Page Key” you defined. For simplicity, so that css styles are applied to your new tab,leave the id property of the li (list item) alone– I’ll cover fixing that in a later post. You should also change the Title above inside the php_xt property accordingly.

Of course, you’ll need to add keywords to your products that match the “Slideshow Product Tag” we configured back on the Web Store Admin Panel