Over on Kristin’s LightSpeedGuru blog, he talks about using an iPad as a POS terminal complete with printing.

It’s a fantastic idea, and the latest version of LightSpeed for iPad makes it mostly possible. The thrust of that specific blog describes using a special networkable version of the Star TSP100 printer geographically close to the iPad, presumably at your front counter.

But there is another way. Enter the Apple Airport Express ($99).Airport Express Ports This unsung hero of small office networking allows you to connect USB printers to it (more than one if you use a USB hub). So if you already have a non-network-ready Star receipt printer, simply connect it to one of these, in turn connected to your network, and you’re golden. Simply point your LightSpeed server at the shared Star printer.

In our office, at our front counter, we have 2 Dymo label printers and a Star receipt printer connected to an Airport Express and our world is printing heaven, from ANY of our devices.